2017 has been all about the brows. From chunky brows like Cara Delevingne to high arched versions sported by Angelina Jolie. Where ever you went you couldn’t miss it. And this trend doesn’t seem to stop there. It seems like 2017 is going to take brows to the next level. If you were not gifted naturally with a full set of eye brows, then do not despair. Micro blading a beauty treatment that has taken the eye brow trend to a whole new level. Micro balding another version of tattooing your eyebrows but with a special blade pen. Using feather like strokes the pigment is deposited under the top layer of skin, creating a natural looking hair. The goal of 2017 real looking eye brows without the need of worrying about the brows disappearing from a couple of washes. Get yourself ahead of the curve with MUAIYA top recommended micro blading professional beautician.